Skyforge is turning two and is ready to celebrate. In honor of the game’s birthday the devs are offering players special events, rewards, and other goodies.

To get things rolling, is hosting a trivia contest. Starting today, players can test their knowledge of Aelion while earning sweet prizes. Don’t worry, even if you’re not as knowledgeable as other players, you’re still guaranteed to get something. For those who do exceptionally well, there will be a special reward — which has yet to be revealed.

In addition to the trivia contest, is also holding a special anniversary login event. And, for those with some cash to spare, there is an Anniversary Pack up for sale. Full details on all of this is available on the Skyforge site.

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    • I don’t buy into most games, to be honest. I’ll play it until I feel it’s worth popping a few quid into, but that rarely happens. So in the end, I haven’t lost anything but time.
      Always better to play it safe and don’t get caught up in hype and start literally throwing money at developers. A fair few people have the “Shut up and take my money” attitude but in reality, that doesn’t help the industry whatsoever. It makes them greedy and you can see that, clear as day, with the practices of companies nowadays.
      I will say that Skyforge is a great game to mess around on. An hour or two, here and there, randomly. Can’t say I’ve been disappointed by it thus far.

    • Not too bad, really. There has always been a decent amount of people whenever I’ve popped on in the past. Haven’t played so much recently, though. Still see randoms running around.

    • Good enough to usually find a group for things by asking in chat, but the group finder pretty much doesn’t work.

      PvP is dead, the only way to get matches for directives is to beg enough people to queue at the same time.


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