If you’ve been playing Skyforge, the first major update since open beta began is now live. Crucible of the Gods is a large update, and not just in content. File size wise my PC is currently in the middle of a 3.85 GB download so get downloading now if you want to play.

In addition to the previously reported additions of raids, anomalies, and other end game content, Crucible of the Gods also introduces a Prestige Scaling system that allows you to play with friends of varying Prestige, a slew of UI updates, Pantheon content, and a major list of bug fixes.

Where most MMORPGs scale higher level players down to lower levels, Skyforge’s Prestige Scaling system works the other way around. The lowest level Prestige players in the group will be boosted to higher levels of health and damage while in the group. The group will be confined to “Normal” difficulty content though.

Check out the rather lengthy patch notes here, you’ll have time to read them while downloading.

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  1. I am thoroughly disappointed with this game so far. I’ve given it about 30 hours, but I think I’m done, tbh. Out of all of the action MMOs currently available, this one has the least fluid combat system. I do like the sense of progression within the game, I just can’t stand the very clunky combat system, and having quests send me back to repeat the same missions 4-5 over. It isn’t likely that a developer would make any huge changes to a game’s core mechanics in open beta stage, but I’m hoping this game improves by launch. It has a lot of promise, and it’s nice to see a game that doesn’t rush you to endgame.

  2. I am loving skyforge, there are some things I would like to see change. But overall the game is good. I haven’t played much mmos lately that all just seem to be crap or they take forever to get out in the US, I think it will do better than most mmos out but not super great.


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