The first Mechanoid Invasion has been repelled and thus Skyforge is now celebrating the Days of Glory event until May 25th. As a way of rewarding players who fight for Aelion’s future peace,, The Allods Team, and Obsidian Entertainment will be dishing out rewards to those decisive gods among you.

During this event, players will be taking part in a number of events to gain Ether Trace, an event currecny that can be used to acquire in-game goodies from the shop. In addition to that, players can also take part in the following side items:

  • Touring the Military-Exhibitions that will be ongoing at the park. You will be able to learn about the equipment, the battle of Aelinar, and more!
  • Fight against Phantoms of Past Battles that have the possibility of appearing during Adventures. These reminders of Aelion’s near demise can drop a mysterious Letter, currency, or unique clothing!
  • Solve the mystery of the strange letters! Successfully solving their riddles will take you on a journey across Aelion, earning you the event’s unique currency (Ether Trace) throughout your search as well as a new costume!
  • has also decided that a little cross promotion never hurts and has created new Commander Packs that players can purchase for’s Armored Warfare. The lore link between the cross promotion is a bit threadbare to say the least. Apparently, Armored Warfare wants to celebrate Aelion’s successes in their world too by giving you special pricing on packs in Armored Warfare….yeah I don’t get it either but there it is. These packs range in price from $15.99 to $39.99, grant you premium time and other benefits in Armored Warfare, and will be on sale until May 13th.

    For full events and Commander Pack details, visit the Skyforge site.


    1. Brainless devs, trying to bribe for this pay to win crap, better fix countless bugs and fake free to play, but its too late, its dead, but game will be online because poor devs can survive for food only.


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