A new Skyforge class spotlight video has been released featuring the knight. This class is a tank with quite a bit of strength, defending against damage while rerouting some of it back at their foes. Its most prominent ability is Barrier, which provides an ongoing damage reduction while active.

As tanks, knights aren’t as fleet-footed as other classes, but they do have abilities that allow them to prevent their opponents from getting away; knights are able to both pull in enemies and slow them. When necessary they can use Dash charges to catch up with their enemies and ram into them, sending them flying into the air.

Full details on the knight class — as well as a list of their abilities — are available on the Skyforge blog.

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  1. General Malak on March 17, 2016

    Knight is an outstanding Tank class but I think Paladan is much more efficient Tank class in battle.

  2. idgaf on March 3, 2016

    Oh plz dat piece of shit again!?!? Didnt this shit die allready ok then i bet it will die soon. Lets bet how long it will take until this piece of dog shit goes offline and dies. My bet 6 months from now on.
    Whos next???

    • ffs on March 3, 2016

      I agree. The gaem looked so good in the trailers but its so bad. You cant do pvp. No open map. Grind for ever with a daily limit. You are forced to play the same maps a few hundred times before you can access another class. Im so done with this game.

  3. zxcczzzz on March 2, 2016

    Pay to win poo p , ugly dx9 game, very badly optimized also, you need hours to shout in chat to find party, i not count random 5 min parties, go in hub and enjoy lag, shi t from sh it devs!

    • Jafarson on March 3, 2016

      + boring human race only with, you need also eternity to unlock the class you want