Beginning today, a special event is taking place in Allods Team’s Skyforge. The event — or promotion as they put it — tasks players with holding cultural events throughout Aelion. In exchange for allocating their resources to help preserve the “old ways,” players can receive a variety of goods.

Any player with a Prestige of over 2050 can participate in the promotion. All they need is an Event Plan which can be acquired in adventures or purchased in the Market.

Players who go above the call of duty can receive one of the following additional rewards:

  • 1,000,000 Credits
  • 12,000 Argents and 100 Event Plans
  • 500 Progress Points on the Guaranteed Reward scale

Full details on the promotion and rewards can be found on the Skyforge blog.

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  1. That “trash” is still very much alive and kicking lots of ass, meanwhile you guys waste your time whining in comment sections. :>
    Updates are fairly regular and more is always coming.

    • Are you playing this? I played it for a good bit after release, and was wondering how it’s doing now. I enjoyed it but I’ve moved on to other things.

      • Yeah i do, returned recently, now theres more to do after all.
        Sure still buggy and laggy but they seem to be starting to patch it bit by bit. Main benefit though – this isn’t made by koreans lol. xD


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