Skyforge Anomalies

Anomalies are one of the endgame group encounters offered in Skyforge, and today the Team guys opened the portal to explain this type of content.

Anomalies are content meant for five players — excuse me, five gods — who gather together in a refuge knows as Tessa’s Sanctuary and are whisked away to an unclaimed resonator. Resonators “produce bursts of abnormal energy, which for unknown reasons attract hostile creatures,” which the party is then tasked to eliminate. The more enemies killed within the range of your resonator, the greater your rewards. Anomalies have multiple levels, eventually culminating in a “heart,” where the most challenging enemies await.

Another stat, called Tactical Sense, will be needed to combat anomalies, and it sounds like any number of special stats needed to take on high-level encounters in other MMOs.

There’s a catch, though: Other parties might also be in the area, trying to draw monsters to their resonator. This can lead to a competition between rival groups, which I’m sure won’t lead to any kind of toxic behavior, accusations of kill-stealing, and vulgar name-calling.


  1. Guys i’m play on Russian server, and this game will be p2 big eggs. U can farm 24/7 and still have chance to overtake donate players, but some1 have no real life and spen tonns of money in game will show u middle finger. To have some chance u need buy month subscription and farm 24/7. U can’t play normaly in this game with friends, this game like browser game with 3d ellements. More event where u need spend money to have some good gifts for it, and many-many other shit, this game is not for relax, this game make for zombie.

    • I believe my comprehension skills aren’t that ‘keen’ compared to yours. The result of this did not allow me to understand your comment. Mind elaborating?

      Otherwise, as far as this article goes, looks like I made the right decision when I bought the founders pack. I didn’t keep up with Mother Russia’s content to see what we’re getting but im excited


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