The end game of Skyforge is getting some more group content soon in the way of Hostile Territories. These areas, accessible through portals, hold vast amounts of power and increasingly difficult challenges for groups of up to 5 players to tackle. These events add yet another layer to the loot/reward system in the free to play MMORPG from

Upon forming a group, or joining one after making the jump, players may begin their search for an available Resonator. On the Region’s map, a blue marker displays an available resonator while a red marker signifies that it’s currently occupied by another group. Successfully traversing to a resonator and activating it provides players with a task to kill specific enemies or have the option to slay a powerful boss for instant completion. Upon successfully defeating the opponents, the group will be presented with the option to cash out and receive the current rewards or continue, earning even higher rewards!

Check out the full breakdown and lore regarding Hostile Territories here.

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