The latest update for The Allods Team’s free-to-play game Skyforge is officially live on the servers and the team has decided to celebrate by dropping a swanky new video featuring the new Outlaw class. In addition to the Outlaw — seen above — the update also adds a demo version of the Council of Gods political system which allows players to elect twelve leaders to run the community. The elections begin today and players can vote their favorite characters into office.

In addition, you’ll also get a chance to take down the newest boss to join the game, Tol-Monter, the avatar of the great god of the Oceanids. This avatar has two incarnations — one of which is only accessible on Thursdays and Sundays via a special directive.

For those wanting to read up on the update, The Allods Team has provided a ton of information in a series of blog posts outlining each of the update’s features. You can find the full list of posts in today’s announcement.

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  1. I see a lot of rants from people that want the perfect game and pay nothing to play it. Newsflash, an online video game is a business and it has to make money in order to stay in operation. Of course you folks want someone else to pay for it while you play it on equal terms for free. You guys must definitely be democrats.

  2. this patch is a PoS they removed mainly all the things that made it enjoyable and an actual mmorpg, shit symbols , shit system for stats , pisses me off the game was better before

  3. Here is how:

    1. Adepts are actually more fun now. And more useful too.
    2. Using bits of mobs as temporary weapons is a good idea.
    3. Being able to summon powerful elder god weaponry is a good idea, like Metarchus staff.
    4. Now you can ACTUALLY switch to any class and play instantly unlike before thanks to universal gear.
    5. I can’t think of anything else… can you? Please tell me what am i to like in this game.

    1. Argents can be gained only with money now, they say you can get argents for free too but i doubt you will ever get enough for anything.
    2. The invasion research was converted into Flavius lab, the problem? Stimulants.
    And this problem persists over the other quests as well, some extremely annoying or bugged quests cannot be completed without stimulant.
    You gain a tiny amount of stimulants daily, but it’s not enough and you will need argents to buy more.
    Basically they took away the free way to speed up research like what we had before and turned it into paid way to speed up research.
    3. Altar may be the new way to p2w in this game.
    4. Cathedral is basically the former gear upgrading system, i dumped 10mil credits into it for a test and didn’t get much in return.
    So basically yes, same thing as before, a cash dump.
    5. Mob hp is much greater making you spend ridiculous amounts on time in any dungeon/adventure/whatever run.
    6. I haven’t found an efficient way to gain victor’s medals other than buying them with argents, have you?
    Perhaps we can still hope that events will provide… unless they screwed events too and we’ll need tons of argents to play them…. which will mean another paywall.
    7. The huge work you put into atlases before? all gone, the pathetic “compensation” we got doesn’t even begin to compensate.
    Now we only got that pathetically small amount of pathetic symbols and you can only pick ONE from each cathegory.
    So yes, currently you can’t have more than 8 symbols active at a time, and most of them suck.
    8. I don’t need to tell you about the class skills and talents, this is the absolutely worst part of this “ascention” of theirs.
    9. Old limits replaced with new limits…….. seriously
    Now we got these quests like bastion quests, and invasion samples that are limited to 1 completion per day which means it’ll take you EONS to complete that “provinces” shit.
    Did i mention that to advance in a bastion you need to fill a 2000 long bar? from the quests you can complete once per day you get like 280.
    10. The addition of “Eradicator” to flavius lab makes it so that you can increase damage to specific invasion army by killing mobs from that army.
    Each army has this Eradicator option so you can increase your damage to each invasion army.
    Results? I can already see bots grinding it. Good luck staying competitive with a bot.

    11. Dungeon party search system still isn’t popular, i don’t really get why since prestige isn’t a factor anymore is it?

    • And this likely does not encompass fully how shit this pathetic excuse for update is.

      If you want more look at EU forums, topic name: “Ascension – yes or no?”

      In it, you will find 10 pages more full of people confirming that this “update” is utter shit.

      • True..and the same go for NA and RU forum as well. They never listen to community, almost no communite between player and dev, they just dont give a fuck and turned this game into shit. So don’t expect much from Revelation since it’s belong to this greedy

    • 1. Argents can be gained only with money now, they say you can get argents for free too but i doubt you will ever get enough for anything.

      That’s wrong. You get 900 a day from Operations. Please take the time to go through the MANY tabs in the game to find it as I can’t pull it up right now.

      6. I haven’t found an efficient way to gain victor’s medals other than buying them with argents, have you?

      You get 200 victor medals a day by doing your Directives.

      • 1. 900 out of thousands you will need for the p2w event if you want some serious victor medals, oh yeah that’s a lot huh.
        6. 200 victor medals while you need hundreds of thousands.
        Sure, gl spending your life in that game loser.

        • I know it’s sad it’s like that, but if you take the p2w element out, the game is fun. I enjoy the combat system, raids, and the new story line.

          • No, it is NOT fun.
            Where the fk did you find fun after this ascension hit? huh?
            It was more fun before this update, god mode actually felt powerful, there were huge atlases to complete, there were places to go and things to do. Now? nothing. Can’t even pvp there no more cuz nobody bothers thanks to the shit changes.

        • There’s no pain switching classes, you don’t have to rek yourself during invasions, and the game pushes you into God mode. Less currency, more content, and a better Pantheon system. If you never got to endgame or suck to playing one class, then you’re right. If you are a vet player, then you gotta look at how they’re trying to make the game more enjoyable for new players.


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