Skyforge has another lengthy blog post today, this one about its version of guilds, known as pantheons. Hey, you don’t expect a bunch of gods to hang around some dusty beer hall, do you?

Pantheons confer all the usual benefits of guilds, such as social tools and a shiny place to gather, known as a stronghold. From the stronghold, pantheon members can monitor the world and react quickly to the alien invasions in Aelion. Members can prepare themselves for battle against the hordes or defend the honor of their pantheon in Pantheon Wars.

What are the Pantheon Wars? They’re weekly battles between pantheons for glory, honor, and control over a territory that grants the pantheon income and unique rewards. Pantheon Wars aren’t all about bashing the other guy’s skull in; half of a pantheon’s gladiators compete in PvP, while the other half show their worth in PvE trials. It’s nice to see the top-end gameplay not be restricted to just one side — PvE or PvP — of the player base.

You can read the full dev blog about pantheons here.


  1. i cant see how people can just hate a game and call it crap, etc when its not even released yet. tho im sure the idiots who do call it crap, most likely enjoy games like salem online crafting game…

  2. Wait..wha..I don’t quite..?

    Okay, I fail to see how this exactly brings them TOGETHER..I mean if some are going to be warring in the region while others are simply going to be doing PVE challenges..that doesn’t really bring them ‘together’ if they’re doing entirely separate things…that’s the exact opposite of together. I mean seriously if ‘together’ only means they’ll be near each other, then that’s the loosest usage of the word.

    Unless this was explained poorly I don’t quite see how… (and no I am not going to read the entire blog over a single feature..if anything I’d have thought there’d be a more clear, concise explanation posted here.)

  3. ghonna sit on my butt and not even look in its direction before a launch and fail..
    then il prolly fire it up and see for my self and make my opinion i donnu.

    Also have a hard time auctully suporting this company.

  4. this game looks great i really cant wait only one other game has gotten me hyped like this and that game is old and iv been playing it for year eden eternal =P

    • I have an old lap top that has keys held together with scotch tape. Asus k52J ATI HD 5470 i3…It runs this game smooth. I also play Far Cry 3 smooth. I can play TERA smooth… Today it has a value of maybe 10 or 20 dollars lap top. So…. your potato must real bad if you need think NASA needs to be involved to run games on unreal 4…

  5. This game and any other game without open world pvp/pk like lineage 2 couldn’t keep my interest if I had no eye lids. Just stop trying to hype this game and every other game. Kill the 2014 hype meta.

  6. Hype’s gonna die, and most likely going to turn out like Might Quest, hopefully they get themselves to work a bit more faster, like having people test it out report bugs and so on, that kind of procedure in MMO’s tend to be much effective rather than just getting a select few, like who cares if the game crashes, we signed up to test and report bugs, not to rant and hopefully they know that too.

  7. This game just needs to come out. EOS should not of git the most anticipated game of 2015. Sky forge has been a itch that I can not reach cause I still have no date for its release QQ


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