Back in August, Radiant Worlds was tossed to the curb by Korean publisher Smilegate, putting the future of its sandbox MMO Skysaga: Infinite Worlds in doubt. Now that tragic story has a happy ending — at least for the studio and its employees, if not for SkySaga.

Eurogamer is reporting that Rebellion, the devs behind Sniper Elite and Battlezone, has picked up Radiant Worlds and it putting its people to work on upcoming title Strange Brigade, a four-player, co-op adventure game. It doesn’t appear to be free-to-play, and there’s no indication that SkySaga will be revived, but given Radiant Worlds CEO Phillip Oliver’s passionate defense of the game when it was cancelled, you’d have to think it’s lurking somewhere on the back burner and that he’s pitching Rebellion on its potential.

Maybe after Strange Brigade is wrapped up, Radiant Worlds will have the chance to finish what they started. For now, at least they’ve started off the new year by finding a way to help pay the bills.

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