Smilegate Announces Changes To Lost Ark’s Skill Tree Transfer System, You Need To Prep Now

Skill Tree Effects are moving from gear to characters.

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Lost Ark Effects Changes

Lost Ark’s next update is scheduled to arrive on November 16. When it does, is will introduce changes to the game’s Skill Tree Transfer System (or Tripod System). No longer will Skill Tree Effects be tied to gear. Instead, the developers have decided to move it to the player’s characters.

This news was shared via the game’s official forums, where Community Manager Roxx promised more details in the patch notes. The post itself still contains a decent bit of information – mostly because they want players to be as prepared as possible when the change occurs. The big takeaway is that players will need to store their Skill Tree Effects in their Skill Tree Inventory prior to the update to ensure they don’t lose them. This isn’t a “you might be fine if you don’t” situation. Effects that aren’t stored in the Skill Tree Inventory will be lost and players will be unable to move them.

The post explains how to go about saving the effects, so if you don’t know how, be sure to look it over. It also offers information on what will happen regarding Skill Tree Effects that are simply replaced with new ones in the next update. The good news is players will be compensated for any effects that are being removed. Details on how to receive that compensation can be found in the post as well.

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