Yesterday, Titan Forge Games release a teaser lore trailer for the next god to be added to Smite, Yemoja: The Goddess of Rivers. Yemoja is a member of the Yoruba pantheon and a protector god — making her a guardian.

The new god won’t just be appearing in-game. In fact, she’s been summoned by Olorun as he faces potential defeat in the Underworld. She boasts healing powers that are important not just in gameplay but in the current storyline — and will apparently be helping Olorun to restore the lost gods.

She’s the first guardian character to have ranged line basic attacks. These attacks can pass through allies and heal them over time. She also boasts a single ability that actually functions as two — swapping between the two during each use.

A full rundown on the new goddess, as well as what’s gone into bringing her into Smite, was posted on the game’s site earlier today. As always, the full lore trailer and kit video will be uploaded at a later time.

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