An all new god joins the Chinese pantheon in SMITE. Jing Wei: The Oathkeeper is a hunter built with speed and damage in mind. She works well at a distance, making good use of her cross bow, and thanks to her wings can even get up above the battle, raining attacks down on her enemies. She also possesses an agility ability that allows her to dash — on the ground or in the air, and a wind attack that throws her enemies about while giving her a speed boost if she steps into the affected area.

Jing Wei isn’t the only new addition in Patch 3.6. Another major addition is the “Escape from the Underworld Event,” which adds new visuals for the arena mode, event quests, and new reward items.

Also included are several shiny new god skins and voice packs. The skins include:

Pandamonium Odin (Voice Pack)


Grim Horseman Guan Yu (Voice Pack)


Grim Wraith Hades (Voice Pack)


Worldweaver Neith


Rakshasa Vamana


Reborn Jing Wei


Updated God Skin – Awilix Mastery Skins


As always, there are also a variety of technical changes to items and gods that can be perused in detail on the SMITE site.

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  1. SHI T game because its a one map boredom moba, ona map over and over, but have best controls atleast , paragon noticed that too, mose mobas are unplayable at all!

    • It’s the Moba with the most variety in maps/modes. There’s Conquest, Arena, Joust, Assault, Siege and Clash, all featuring a different map. They even had another one called Domination, but they scrapped it as it didn’t see much play. You must see how ignorant you are and refrain from such idiotic claims in th efuture.


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