Scarab King and The Dawn Bringer, Khepri has been added to the hero list of characters available in SMITE, Hi-Rez Studios’ free to play MOBA. This Guardian type character specializes in reacting to how a fight is progressing by using abilities tailor made to lock down opponents while buffing, freeing, and even reviving teammates.

Using abilities that drag an opposing hero into combat range, damage over time effects that can also heal your friends, and an ultimate that can literally save a teammate from dying and pull them out of the fray, Khepri is a master of the early game. Pairing Khepri up with a hunter type hero can really make for some devastating early lane play. Giving teammates the ability to soak up damage they otherwise couldn’t survive allows Khepri and team to push lanes early and fast.

Don’t get fooled into using all of your abilities as an opening in combat though as this will leave you and your friends with no recourse when things get rough. Instead, use Khepri to react intelligently to battle as it unfolds.

Check out the full move list on Khepri’s page of the SMITE website.

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