During this week’s Smite Update Show, the Titan Forge team highlighted the game’s next god, the warrior Mulan. The new god uses both melee and ranged weapons in battle making use of swords, spears, and bows. Effectively, she has one ability per weapon type, each affording her different benefits.

The sword uses the ability Cross Strike, which allows Mulan to swing her sword precisely, getting two strikes in and dealing damage to everyone hit by it. When using the spear, Mulan strikes in front of her, slowing all enemies hit with it. As for the bow, Mulan can use it to pull any enemy she hits using it toward her for another strike.

Of course, there’s one ability that allows Mulan to use her entire arsenal of weapons. Divine Mastery propels Mulan forward in a dash swinging her sword to deal damage on the way. Those hit are rooted. If one of the damaged enemies is another god, Mulan can use her divine energy to knock them into the air using her spear and follow up with an attack from her bow.

As noted, Mulan was highlighted in the latest dev stream. If you’re interested in seeing her in action, check out the video below.

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