The Goddess of Night, Nox, is now available in SMITE. Hi-Rez Studios has also released the God Reveal video for her, but I must say that I think the video may have been a little rushed as it isn’t exactly the same quality we’ve seen in the past. That aside though, I like Nox’s Passive (Flame of the Night) which builds up lit candles in the candelabra that Nox carries until all candles are lit thus giving Nox a free cast.

Opinions seems pretty divided on Nox though. Players seem to fall into one of two camps right now based on play testing. Some feel that Nox is a bit on the weak side and may fall into the “unused” category, while others feel she could be good but a lot depends on the Gods on your team and the actions of your opponents.

The recent update also came with a fair share of new skins and a new daily login reward system which gives players increasingly valuable rewards for each day they log in.

Let us know how you feel about Nox below!

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  1. Gods that tend to be very specific tend to be weaker just because those scenarios for them to really shine do not come up as often as they need to be. Some numbers are going to be tweaked for sure to buff her gameplay.

  2. Really weak God tbh I expect there will be some improvements to her. Her passive is useless as she is not very mana hungry at all, only in teamfights is it going to do any good, and only if you start the fight with low mana .Has to combo 2 aimed attacks just to get comparable damage to other mages. Ultimate is pretty good at securing a kill but that is it, compared to the insane damage of say Zeus or Anubis’ ult that can easily take out 2-3 people.


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