The Goddess of Night, Nox, is now available in SMITE. Hi-Rez Studios has also released the God Reveal video for her, but I must say that I think the video may have been a little rushed as it isn’t exactly the same quality we’ve seen in the past. That aside though, I like Nox’s Passive (Flame of the Night) which builds up lit candles in the candelabra that Nox carries until all candles are lit thus giving Nox a free cast.

Opinions seems pretty divided on Nox though. Players seem to fall into one of two camps right now based on play testing. Some feel that Nox is a bit on the weak side and may fall into the “unused” category, while others feel she could be good but a lot depends on the Gods on your team and the actions of your opponents.

The recent update also came with a fair share of new skins and a new daily login reward system which gives players increasingly valuable rewards for each day they log in.

Let us know how you feel about Nox below!