Kuzenbo, King of the Kappa joins SMITE as the 5th Japanese god in the free-to-play MOBA. Hi-Rez released the guardian god yesterday, giving the Japanese pantheon one god for every class in the game.

Being the King of the Kappa — and therefore one big turtle-y god — Kuzenbo’s abilities serve both to protect while causing as much damage as possible. His passive, “Water Bowl” grants him a percentage of damage reduction in response to the damage he takes. “Watery Grave” on the other hand allows him to make great use of his shell, retreating into it and spinning about freely while summoning currents that he uses to knock his enemies back. In fact, his shell is of great use to him in another ability. “Shell Spikes”, allows him to extend his spikes in order to reflect damage dealt to him back onto his enemies. And, of course, you can’t really be a king without subjects. Kuzenbo makes use of these subjects with “NeNe Kappa” — in which he throws the NeNe Kappa into walls causing him to ricochet off them and damaging any enemy gods it runs into.

Of course, Kuzenbo is not the only new thing to arrive with the latest SMITE update. New skins and emotes have also been added. Updates have been made to improve the quality of life in game and a variety of changes have been made to the maps, gods, and more — all of which can be read about in the patch notes.

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