In a rare — read “never been done before” — move, Titan Forge games have decided to revert the abilities of one of its gods to a previous update. When Smite‘s November update hits, it will revert the recent changes to Freya back to their pre-Update 5.13 state. This means her Passive, Pulse, and Irradiate abilities will be rolled back and the balance numbers across her kit adjusted to her most-balanced states, historically.

The reason for this shift is that the dev team has discovered Freya’s play count and win rate are currentky at the lowest they’ve been, with the game’s player base avoiding her due to nerfs. As the devs note, prior to the 5.23 update, Freya’s stats were “low, but quite acceptable.” They also added that the reversion will obviously bring back previous issues seen with the god, but that change is preferable to what’s currently going on.

The post goes into great detail regarding the changes previously made to Freya, including what did and didn’t work, and includes a copious amount of stats that more data-loving players might be interested in. Those interested can find the post on the Smite site.

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