Ok, so I really couldn’t think of anything better for a catchy title other than Snail Mail. Wushu isn’t exactly the easiest thing to try and rhyme you know? Come to think of it, referring to this piece of news as snail mail is a terrible analogy. This is the internet by golly! Where the internet is the hare and snail mail is the proverbial tortoise. In this case though, the hare has won since I received the release details from Age of Wushu via email just a few minutes ago.

Ironically the news was delivered by a Snail, Snail Games to be precise, but whatever it’s what started this whole thing in the first place. Snail games announced the release date for Age of Wushu was set for April 10th. Mind you this is just for the North American version of the game. The European version is being handled by gPotato who have yet to announce any official launch date. The announcement comes with a brand new trailer (shown above) that showcases some of the games fairly stunning locales along with what looks like several fight scenes from the next Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

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  1. It’s too opionated. Obviously, nobody knows the author’s mind. Everybody has his own favorite MMO. I like games without levels such as EVE, City of Heroes and Age of Wushu.

  2. The battle part includes many strategies. I played this game for a few months in Chinese edition, the game are so different from the other MMO, (I played GW2 for a while, GW2 are amazing I believe). Actually, this is a game that money can make a big difference. But if you are good at rock, paper, scissor game, you may have a chance to win in a battle even you have worse gears.

    Anyway, this game includes a lot of culture things, you may not like it, actually I don’t like this company and the strategy Snail Mail used in trade system. But I like the idea of the game. A lot of Wushu in the game are based on real kongfu.

    • You are truly an idiot. Another martial arts MMORPG? Oh Im sorry, can you link me to the original one?

      Good thing they don’t listen to clowns like you who want braindead games like GW2.

  3. No it is not a pay2win. yes if u r VIP u level up faster and u can do thing faster. BUT IT IS NOT A PAY TO WIN GAME. IF U SUCK and u pay u stil SUCK!! so get it right. THOUGH U NEED TO PAY TO GET TRADE MONEY. AND THAT IS THE 1 THING I DON’T LIKE ABOUT THIS GAME.

    • Here’s a tip. Never use caps trying to make a point. It just make you sound immature, especially with those exclamation marks, your whiny tone, and the obvious lack of grammar.

    • It’s a pay 2 Win.. With Real money.. 2 days after the game release, a Cash Shopper ll be Nei 1 Level 33.. And a Non VIP plaer ll be Nei 1 Level 25 .. The Cash Shopper have a good adventage .. xD It’s really harder to kill someone with +10 Level ..

  4. i wouldnt suggest age of wushu at all whatsoever because of the company and cause this game is stricly p2w i would say wait for age of wulin although idk how long gpotato will delay their game so far its just early 2013 but ya i wouldnt suggest age of wushu at all its p2w and snail games literaly dont give a dam about their players they barely listen to them thats my opinion so far about age of wushu

    • Your lack of punctuation and inconsistent grammar really takes away all seriousness from your post. The vibe of negativity is just overwhelming from your reviews, calling a game p2w without any reasoning behind it is just…immature. But no worries, I’ve learned to adapt my mind to think the exact opposite on all of your posts so far

  5. Let me compare this game, somewhat unfairly, to Skyrim. Because Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) promises to contain the same distraction based gameplay that Skyrim has and both Wushu and ESO offer a lot of content outside of combat.

    You see, Skyrim has content that catches your eye while exploring the world, you enter a situation uncertain of what rewards might await you in the end, you do not know even know if it will bare any importance to either you or the world There might be a very important player choice in the end and there might not be. You feel that you could be threading a path that many players before you did not even know existed.

    Wushu on the other hand, probably offers more content that either Skyrim or ESO ever will. But it does so in a very very mechanical way. You have a ton of activities available for you right from the start and they are all initiated either from the user interface or a specific NPC. The mechanics are explained (with the help of pictures) to you by a pop-up window and you get a buff on you that states that you are now undergoing an activity.

    Even if you always have a choice of participating, I can’t help but feel that i am jumping through hoops since everything has to be done in a very strict predetermined manner.

    I do not like this.

    I could also get into developers misconception of the term “gameplay depth”, which is pretty much the industries standard these days but then this post would be even longer, which no one wants. The game took it’s sweet time. If it came out in the time when it was announced it would destroy its competition with a vengeance. But now, as it is, i feel better titles are right around the corner.

  6. This game have a lot of content and its pretty fun, I really enjoyed the betas even tho I am not a pvp person, but something turned me down, the fact that it can be very annoying to play thro if u are not vip, u lose offline bonuses (that kinda become a big deal since leveling is constant and it can take a loooot of time to lv up even as vip), rewards for quest or actions like kidnap is lower and since the game have a currency that can only be obtained by players, u will need to set stalls for the time u are online like others have offline stall. But the game is really good, I don’t see myself paying for something every month right now but if I could, I would. Also mounted.

    • Are you sure you dont see yourself paying every month to play this game?
      Unless your a casual player which have not much competitiveness then you can play this game for free. Else VIP status is a must for game progression whether PVE wise or PVP.
      Reason to the amount of tradable currency you are able to earn and rate of leveling skills as compared to a VIP.


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