Oh, look at that… It seems that Fortnite cross-play might actually be possible on the PlayStation 4 after all. Who knew?

Sony announced today that after a “comprehensive evaluation process” they’ve come up with a way to start supporting cross-platform features for third-party games. Specifically, they said “select third-party content”. That just happens to include Fortnite, for which an open beta test of cross-platform play began today. The beta will test play with pretty much every system Fornite is available on — Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows, and Mac.

So, finally, PS4 owners will be able to play with more of their friends. Guess Sony got over that whole thing about the PS4 just being better than everything else.

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  1. “It seems that Fortnite cross-play might actually be possible on the PlayStation 4 after all.” The author says like the cross-play was never a thing in PS4, this version already had PC-PS4 crossplay (i used to play with my friend, he on his ps4 and me on my pc) the thing is that the cross-play on PS4 was limited for these 2 plataforms while the XOne version is not.

  2. Why do you guys keep writing “appeared first on MMObomb.com when it clearly didn’t appear first on here.

    For example this was posted over 24 hours ago on other sources.

    How can readers trust what you write if the description alone is a lie?

  3. Making consoles cross play actually makes the console redundant.
    Even though I loath the idea of using a consoles for games.
    The only reason consoles make mass money is because they have certain games locked to them.
    I bought a ps3 purely for red dead redemption I’ve never bought any other games for that console, which still sits with red dead redemption in it.
    I also went in a joint buy effort to buy a switch just for zelda.
    This is how and why consoles make their money.
    The switch would of flopped if it were a cross platform release for Zelda.
    I’m a Pc player a hard core gamer and sometimes I fall weak for some major games and fork out more than i should to play them.
    Cross platforming makes no sense in the long term.

    • You are entirely missing the Point of the article and cross Play in general. It’s about Third Party Games and not exclusive Titles, and taking Zelda as an example is pretty stupid, it’s a singleplayer Game and only available on 2 Consoles which are both Nintendo, Cross Play for a Singleplayer Games makes no sense, sure, but that not the point of Cross Play.

      • He isn’t missing the point though. Even third party games that are available on all consoles can still make a specific console money. For example. If i didn’t own a console and all my friends were playing Fortnite. If i wanted to play with them i would HAVE to buy the same console as them, using the ps4 as an example, which is money for Sony.

        However, i no longer have to, i can buy an xbox and still play with them. I had a quick search and i’m not saying this is standard everywhere but an xbox 1 is cheaper than a ps4. So chances are i will go with the cheaper option which means that Sony no longer has my business.

    • Nobody’s asking sony to hand out their exclusives and crossplay them, just to add it for games that are already available on every system (like fortnite, hopefully this happens with rocket league, too).

      (Hopefully) Nobody was going to go out and buy a PS4 just to play with people who play fortnite on PS4, when they already play the game on another console/PC. The PR is probably worth any imaginary losses from adding the feature.


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