Sony And NCSoft Partner Up In "Various Global Business Fields, Including Mobile"

Is mobile gaming taking center stage?

Troy Blackburn
By Troy Blackburn, News Editor Posted:

SIE and NCSoft announce partnership

Today NCSoft and Sony Interactive Entertainment announced a global business partnership which will see the two "collaborate in various global business fields, including mobile".

Seeing as how mobile is brought up specifically, I'd wager that's a big reason for the partnership, although the specifics seem to be a bit up in the air at the moment. NCSoft and SIE are evaluating a range of potential opportunities according to the press release, and seem to be looking to leverage NCSoft's technological prowess with SIE's global leadership in the entertainment field.

“This partnership with SIE is the beginning of our efforts to build various synergies together, utilizing both companies’ core competencies, technological capabilities, and expertise,” said Taekjin Kim, President and CEO at NCSOFT. He added, “We will deliver a new and enjoyable experience to our audience across and beyond genres and regions.”

“Partnering with NCSOFT advances our strategy to expand beyond console and broaden PlayStation’s reach to a wider audience,” said Jim Ryan, President and CEO, SIE. “Like SIE, NCSOFT shares a similar vision in creating high-quality, impactful entertainment experiences for players everywhere, and together we’re excited to collaborate to push the boundaries of gaming further.”

What exactly these two are up to is yet to be seen, but it looks like Sony Interactive Entertainment and NCSoft will be worth keeping an eye on for now.

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