In it’s third season, Discovery jumped to the future and that meant an upgraded ship — which will soon be appearing in Star Trek Online. Today, the STO team announced the T6 Crossfield Science Spearhead Refit. This ship features detatched nacelles, an improved central processor, nanogel circuitry, a cloaking device, and more. It’s the feature ship in an upcoming Lock Box (that has yet to be officially named).

As with all Federation ships, players will need to have either begun their career with the Federation, or (as a Romulan or Dominion) allied with the Federation in order to obtain this vessel. Since the Loot Box it’s part of hasn’t been officially announced yet, we don’t know the date the ship will be available. That said, we do know all the stats on the ship, and that it comes with enhanced particle generators, an advanced shield system, reactive shield tech, a Smasher Assembly, and more. Since it’s a science vessel, it also leans pretty heavily toward Science and Engineering in the Admiralty Stats — 59 and 37 respectively, with an additional 8 for each under special stats.

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