Who doesn’t want an anime girl with a giant, sci-fi bazooka? If you do, then you’ll like SoulWorker‘s new character, Iris Yuma, described as “Graceful in appearance and brimming with rude attitude.” No, that’s not her middle finger she’s holding up in that picture, though I had to look closely to confirm.

As with all SoulWorkers, Iris uses her strong emotions to manifest a weapon — in her case, her uncontrollable rage creates “a bazooka cannon that’s respected by her peers and feared by foes.” In other words, don’t piss her off or she’ll blow you away, literally. You can earn special outfits for Iris via a series of in-game quests, and there’s a free pack of consumables and Iris’ red hair color you can get for her by entering the code found here.

Along with the new character, Gameforge and Lion Games have kicked off Turbulent Beach Holiday summer event, because even SoulWorkers need some time to relax with some fun in the sun. Even the monsters are getting into things, with a special themed dungeon that has “minions, who are all dressed in summer outfits.” And now, you just thought of the biggest, baddest demon lord wearing a Speedo. You’re welcome.

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