When Gameforge announced that it was ending its run as the publisher of SoulWorker in the West in February — and did so last week — developer Lion Games said that it was planning to take care of things itself with an international server. Those plans have nearly come to fruition, as Lion Games announced that it would indeed be launching a new server for everyone to enjoy the game late next week.

The new server goes live on May 13, although Lion Games warns that “internal service issues may alter the scheduled expansion from its set date.” When’s the last time a freshly launching, or re-launching, MMO admitted that yeah, our launch might go poorly and we’ll have to delay things?

That unexpected bout of honesty aside, the game should be mostly the same as what experienced SoulWorker fans are accustomed to, though as we mentioned previously, you won’t be able to carry over your progress from Gameforge’s version, owing to GDPR restrictions.

Lion Games plans on running events throughout May and said that its global Twitter accounts “in English are ready to support your SoulWorker experience further.” You can check out the announcement on the SoulWorker Steam page.

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