EDITOR’S NOTE 12/30/2015: Please note that this story is reported as speculation by sources we are trying to confirm and in response to our inquiries, Red 5 said the following:

Red 5 Studios, Inc has paid all employees in full. Recent rumors of Red 5 Studios’ financial situation are not accurate.

Firefall is currently operating a limited-account beta test in China. Red 5 studios is encouraged with peak 2nd day retention reaching 84% and working on optimization and content updates for both US/EU and China clients. The upcoming content is now being tested internally and scheduled to be updated to the Firefall US/EU servers in Q1 2016.

Red 5 Studios continues to develop content for Firefall and is planning to have synchronized global updates after the US/EU update. In the first half of 2016, Firefall will have a major content update in China in preparation for the Chinese Open Beta test. Red 5 Studios is committed to provide a high quality interactive experience to gamers all over the world. For more information, please visit

Original Story: Red 5 has been accused of using a Facebook page to spy on current and former employees. The page — purportedly set up to help these employees to find new jobs — is said to be being used as a way of identifying employees who revealed the company’s failure to pay due to financial troubles.

Reports of the Facebook spying are coming in via the Firefall subreddit as well as an anonymous tip to

I’ve come to find out the group was started by Steven Na (Red 5 marketing guy), under direct orders from CEO Zhu, as a way to spy and keep tabs on all Red 5 employees and those let go. They are looking for information here. Do not trust this FB group and be very very careful what you post there.

No official statement has been made by Red 5 Studios regarding this as of yet.

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  1. I find it interesting that people are defending this company. lack of funds to cover payroll doesn’t just happen or sneak up on you. you know its coming well in advance. it wasn’t addressed properly and they still had those people work knowing they weren’t getting paid, during the holiday season no less.

    while there is no concrete proof of spying, a company who is willing to exploit its employees to that extent is capable of anything. they clearly do not respect their employees in any way so why the shock that their privacy would be invaded for the benefit of the company?

    red5 may as well close the doors. they clearly don’t have the funds to operate and I’m sure this activity wont motivate people to buy from them.

  2. I really like R5. Don’t understand what’s with all this mess. Why are those people going so such lengths to ruin R5. I am not really taking R5 defense here, but everyone seems to be against R5. Yea what they did with the payment was really bad, especially because it was before the holidays, but this fracking bullcrap about facebook spying.

    here are some posts i think should be taken in consideration:
    “Hi, JBWill here, another ex-5er. People who have followed the game for a while should know who I am, and I’d like to think most know me as a generally reasonable person (though I’m sure there are those that would love to disagree). I’m not interested in getting into a “he-said she-said” argument, and I’m certainly not going to comment on anything related to The9, but I’d like to ask that people be at least a little more skeptical when it comes to anonymous allegations such as those in the OP.
    Speaking as someone who worked closely with and sat next to “Mr. Na” for the better part of a year and a half I can say without a doubt that I don’t believe these accusations for a second. Steven can be a bit of a hardass and troll, but he’s one of the kindest and most generous people I met out there and it’s going to take a lot more than completely proofless (and in my opinion, ridiculous) accusations from anonymous posters on Reddit who clearly have a bone to pick to convince me otherwise. I know for a fact that he genuinely cares about Red 5 and the people who work there with him.
    Steven is my friend, and the friend of many other people who are still at the company. If you truly care for their feelings during this difficult time, keep that in mind before you post about the subject. It cheapens your stated support of Red 5 employees if you turn around and vilify one of them with your next breath based on absolutely no evidence. Now is not the time for witch hunting.
    P.S. Anyone who thought Steven was trying to threaten anyone during the AMA severely misread his tone, I guarantee you that.
    That is all.”

    “Just going to echo JBWill’s points. I left Red 5 in the summer of 2014, and was invited to that group a couple months ago. It’s been nothing but supportive and uplifting. It’s been fun to see older members of the Tribe mingling with newer members, and everybody supporting each other and providing links to open jobs, shuttling resumes for people to recruiters, etc.
    I seriously doubt the intent of the group was to spy, and I’ll continue to use it. The OP for this thread is nothing short of a coward, dragging someone’s name through the mud and risking their career from an anonymous account.
    Needless to say, I assume they didn’t appreciate the welcoming, loving nature that is the Tribe at Red 5. I don’t think we’ll ever find a group of people so close and so amped to work together again, and this kind of continued attention-grabbing on reddit really isn’t representative of how amazing everyone is/was at Red 5.”

    And these posts are from ex-R5 employees, so it’s unlikely they were made to do it. I don’t remember seeing the mmo sites reporting on how awesome the R5 facebook group it’s for helping out ex employees, but when unfounded accusation are being made about something like spying it’s everywhere accompanied with words like “They are looking for information here. Do not trust this FB group”.
    Do they install malware to spy on you? I seriously doubt that. What can they do to “spy” other then what you post in the group? And what you post in the group it’s available to see to everyone in the group. How it’s that spying? If you post in the forum and i read it, does that means i’m spying on you?

    • If you played the game and followed its history you’ll know mismanagement ruined the game and the company. These employees were but peons and had no real control over the game let alone the power to “ruin” anything.

      • What does that has to do with my comment or the article.
        Yea R5 or whoever did some changes to the game that most of us don’t like. I wasn’t fraking suggesting they should get an award.

        Someone claims anonymously, with absolutely 0 evidence on reddit some crazy shit like facebook spying and everyone jumps in the band wagon. How do you know that it’s real and not just someone with a grudge? What next? Lead dev was going around the office whipping people?


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