A new line of Soviet battleships is the headline feature of World of Warships‘ 0.8.4 update. These eight ships are designed for close- and medium-range fights, giving them a different play style from most other battleships, which prefer long-range bombardments. The top-of-the-line ship is the Kremlin, which has over 100,000 HP, guns that can penetrate any cruiser, and solid defenses and armor. Captains will no doubt be “Russian” up the tech tree to pick it up.

The “Victory” Competition continues with this update, letting captains choose a side in the battle, but with a new resource, Provision Tokens, which can be redeemed for a variety of prizes in the Armory, including a premium ship and a historical Soviet commander.

Ranked Season 12 is also underway, and now you can use the revamped aircraft carriers to scale the ladders. Speaking of those carriers, they’ve received a few tweaks, particularly to dive bombers with HE shells, which were too much of a threat to destroyers.

On the map front, there’s a new three- or four-control point map, Greece, while the Trap map and four Epicenter maps have also been reworked. Learn more about everything in this update on the World of Warships site.

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