Funcom keeps adding much loved LEGO worlds to its line-up for LEGO Minifigures and Space World is one universe that players probably remember most. Space World is now available to adventure in and, of course, collect in.

“The space theme was always my favorite when I was a kid,” says Executive Producer Lawrence Poe. “I loved that monorail, so obviously, that was one of the first things I wanted the designers to put into the game! That is really one of the great rewards for everyone working on this game; being able to see your childhood favorites materialize on the screen and experience them in-game.”

Funcom is still hard at work on the iOS and and Android versions of the game and intends to link all platforms into one cross-platform universe. This news is of course on top of their previously announced deal with Intel to optimize and develop new features using Intel chipsets.

Check out our First Look for more info on the “all ages” game!

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  1. I’ve been playing this game since Open Beta. I gotta say, it is a fun top down game.

    And the new “Space world” update rocks!

    I’d suggest you guys try this game out.

    Sure there’s some stuff non-members cannot do (Large dungeons, Some side quests, Some items, ect). But it still is a load of fun!

    P.S Hey MagicMan!


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