Black Desert already had us captivated with the sneak peak at their extremely customizable character creation screens, but it appears they are hellbent on dazzling us further, following up with a teaser trailer that portrays the now much faster based combat within the soon-to-be sandbox MMORPG.

This shrapnel of media gives viewers a basic idea of how both melee and ranged battle will look and feel, capturing rumbles on the battlefield between a sword and shield wielding warrior, an acrobatic archer, a teleporting sorceress, and an axe slashing giant against the realms monsters.

Things have seemingly improved since the first beta test, as the former battle system had been regarded as a little stiff. Chain combo cooldowns have also been reduced, providing a little more oomph in the overall style the speed boost appears to have been intended for. The beta phase has a lot left to determine, such as if the increase in speed affects the games overall longevity, or if an increase in difficulty will counter the adjustment. Time and testing are left to tell.

As the second closed beta test for Black Desert commences this April 22nd, there are sure to be more crumbs here and there to get an interest churning in those following release.

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  1. Is this an instance based game or persistent world? Just curious that fighting looks like it would be fun as hell on a 360 controller… Something like this could go cross platform if they wanted to put in the extra effort.

  2. Too many flashes, unrealistic shit which I’m getting tired of. Looks like c9 to me. Why can’t he hit normally, with normal attacks. Warrior with magic n stuff…pfft

  3. Is this gonna be another dungeon crawler like Vindictus – Dragon Nest – C9 ??. The article says “Sandbox MMORPG” which I understand as Open World. But on the video it looks more like an instanced dungeon crawler. I hope Im wrong, I like open world better *cough* Tera *cough*.

    • It’s open world. I haven’t seen any dungeon/instance related things.

      I’m just wondering how bossing will be done if it’s something players will farm (for quest/items).

      • Well… choosing gender locked characters instead of clases (previous character customization video) is more likely from instanced dungeon crawlers, as well as the frenzy fights against multiple enemies. Nevertheless I found on youtube some korean CBT gameplay videos and its actually open world… and very promising!!

  4. wow this looks really good STOP TEASING ME DAMIT i wanna play this i will try snatch a key at 22nd if possible and give it a try looks really good also is it just me or does that chick that “teleports” away to dodge look a little bit like Syndra from LoL i mean she has the black ball looking things and everything lol

  5. If your looking for reference you could look at C9 from webzen (US) or gpotatoe (eu) i guess. Doesn’t look all that different and the action combat of C9 is really nice for a while. If your into games like C9 or Vindictus it’ll probably be a game to look forward to. Blade & Soul on the other hand… well, I tried it not long ago and combat-gameplay wise it got nothing on the dedicated action combat games out there imo.

  6. I see nothing but annother stereotype asian trash game..
    Well i like the fact that not a single blood drop was seen in this video, thumbs up.

    • And what comes out of the EU or the USA is better? bullshit do you even know how hard it is too create a game of this caliber also learn how not to be racist in your posts now piss off

    • 3 stupid replies to this post, someone even called you racist, LOL
      “stupid poster, posting shit about a game he knows nothing about”
      “how hard it is too create a game of this caliber”
      People should stop blabbering about something after seeing TRAILERS, it was made to overwhelm you with the very best of any product. YOU CAN SEE IT’S A TWEAKED TRADITIONAL “TAB-TARGETING” GAME IF YOU PAY ATTENTION TO ARROWS, don’t fall for it’s fast pace…
      Yep, I played it and said it on my feedback: don’t add “camera playstyles” if your game doesn’t support it with fluid combat, fast pace action, whatever it needs; “action mode” sucked badly, this trailer didn’t convince me that they’ve improved a tab-targeting system to feel like “true action” (and I mean something like C9, everyone knows TERA boast their soft target like some big ass true action blablabla; it isn’t a bad game, but it isn’t “true action”)

      I felt it was “empty” right from the start, you actually WATCH it more than PLAY it; I kept using the autotrack thing and I’m sure you don’t even pay attention to whatever is going on your screen ’til you stop in front of some monster (and the combat didn’t look as good as this trailer, but keep in mind it IS targetted combat and you won’t “aim” stuff). It’s more quest hub oriented and you may grind gear and stuff, it does seem like a Korean title after playing it; nothing against, but sometimes their love for grind makes me sick (ie I really like C9 gameplay but grinding, lack of replayability and rigid-pay-to-reset builds killed it for me).

  7. This is looking way too good to be true…It looks amazing to me. But I can’t help but wonder what is the catch. Gender lock classes? classes have to be bought? p2w cash shop? There has got to be SOMETHING wrong with it >< i just hope it isn't a deal breaker.

    • my friend, this game doesn’t exacly have classes, but characters… so, you can expect the “gender lock classes” in this game -w-”

      • Looking aside from laptops, I think people had a long time to upgrade at least their video card to support the minimum requirement (GTX 450+/550+/650+/750+ and AMD equivalent). If not, they need to do it….now….

        Also understand even if the game is ‘eye-candy’, performance also is based on the Games Engine. Take FFXIV for example and their Crystal Engine; runs very smooth and very playable on low settings with crap graphic cards. A GTX 460 runs the game flawless on high-very hig which i once ran it at before I upgraded to 760’s.


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