Spellbreak‘s Chapter 3: The Wardens is out in the wild, and it’s a bit dodgy. No, there’s nothing wrong with the content itself, but it’s adding a new dodge mechanic as an evasive movement option for mages that doesn’t rely on a rune.

Dodging is simple enough — just hit Control on a keyboard or right stick on a controller — but, as with everything, there are rules, literally spelled out in the patch notes as “The rules of Dodge.” Your speed is reduced shortly after a dodge, and you can only dodge every 1.5 seconds, among other fiddly limitations. I’m sure players will get the hang of it eventually; after all, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a (fire)ball.

Levitation also gets a looking-at, as Proletariat wants to “limit the amount of extreme verticality in Spellbreak.” Other movement parameters also go under the knife, including acceleration, movement speed, and even the force of gravity itself. There’s also what the devs call “coyote time,” which allows wily players to “jump a few frames after walking off a ledge.”

What about non-movement-related changes? There are plenty of those, too, affecting spells of various disciplines, and “Some mysterious new structures have shown up related to the story of chapter 3.” Speaking of that new chapter, there are a bunch of new story quests — no longer behind a weekly time gate — along with a new battle pass and season of ranked play.

Check out the patch notes for the new chapter on the Spellbreak site.

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