Starting now — and ending on July 15 — Spellweaver players can gain access to all of the game’s cards with 10 pre-made decks. The decks allow players to check out the most efficient strategies in the game and will be available for purchase at a special discount — if you qualify.

To qualify for the discount, players will need to earn five wins with the cards. These wins can be in Friendly, Ranked, or Tournament games. The more games won, the deeper the discount will be — until it caps of at 50%.

There is one important thing to note: Even though the promotion runs until July 15, you’ll only have three days to play around with the decks one you activate them.

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      • you a shill/developer for that pathetic ugly 30 fps, pay to win garbage game?

        his comment represents in a very good way how normal people feel about that game. You do not like? that is your problem , stop moaning here.

        • i’m with you on this one. garbage games don’t make it on my radar. I’ve never heard of it nor will i try it. I’ve already got magic duels which doesn’t work totally like it should and shadow verse which is just cool cuz they have ninjas. screw another card game unless its something like card hunter. which was cool.


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