More Bunnies To Fight As Springtime Easter Events Coming to Fiesta Online Today

There's also an Enhancement Buff event, too.

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Fiesta Online Easter

Recently, gamigo announced that Fiesta Online's Easter Event will begin today until May 10 featuring a slew of springtime activities to get players into the spirit. Also, the NPC Raul now appears in the cities across Isya, seeking out players to aid his predicament for a limited time.

When logging into the game, players will see a ton of Magic Easter Trees all over the towns in Isya. You can decide to watch them from afar, but by dancing underneath them you can get a special Easter buff to help kickstart your adventures. Once you've buffed up and are ready for a challenge, get a group of players together and take on the "Protect the Golden Egg" quest. Through the quest, you'll defend a special egg against hordes of monsters and gain the ability to use explosive mines to deal damage and clear the mobs.

If that's not much of a challenge for you, you can face Chonk Chongus in one of the Free Battle Zones. This opponent may be a rabbit but is fully equipped and slinging around a carrot machinegun to mow down any players hoping to defeat him. If you do, he'll drop special Festival Eggs. For those wanting a more lax Easter experience, you can choose to do teammate egg-hunting in hopes of gaining seasonal cosmetics. Whether bunny ears or an Easter bunny shield, there are options to outfit your character to fit the theme.

Before the event ends, you can find NPC Raul next to blacksmiths inside towns with his flock of corrupted sheep nearby. Raul is looking for players who can find a remedy for his sheep, and by helping him, you could gain a sheep mount and a handful of enhancement stones. Also, by keeping him close, he'll grant players a buff that will increase their success rate of enhancing items.

If you're interested in the event and want to know more, check out the official site here!

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