Square Enix Details Everything You Need To Know About The FFXIV Xbox Launch, Including Bundles Being Sold

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Final Fantasy XIV Xbox Launch Details

As we all know, Final Fantasy XIV will be launching on Xbox Series X|S in just three days, on March 21 (at 1:00 am Pacific). With the launch happening so soon, it’s definitely time for Square Enix to let players know what they need to do to begin playing (or keep playing if they’ve been participating in the beta). All of that information is now available on the Lodestone.

A new post outlines what players can buy to begin playing the MMORPG. If you bought the game on PC or PlayStation, then you know what you’re in for there. The Starter Edition and Endwalker Expansion, and different editions of the same, are all available. As Dawntrail’s launch date and purchase details have yet to be revealed, it’s not one of the options.

The post also offers instructions on how to play the game on Xbox after launch for both open beta participants and new players. In both cases, the players have the option to purchase the Online Starter Edition, Online Complete Edition, or Online Complete Collector’s Edition. Those that have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate may download the first option for free through April 19.

The only difference between current open beta players and completely new players is that open beta players need to be sure they’re using the account they participated in the test with, while new players will just need to use the Xbox account of their choice. Also, open beta players will not need to reinstall the game or download any additional content. They will need to choose an edition or keep playing using the free trial.

Of course, new players will need to enter their Square Enix account information in order to play. Open beta players will have already done that.

We’re sure a lot of you would rather buy after Dawntrail’s price has been announced and Endwalker has been rolled into the Starter Edition (saving yourself a bit of money). We suggest those of you who do not have Game Pass Ultimate take the option of playing on the free trial – if you’re a new player. You’ll be able to keep playing through level 70, which means you can catch up on your leveling while you wait. If you already have an account on another platform, maybe just keep playing there until the option to purchase Dawntrail is available.

Note that when buying items in the game, Xbox players will need to use FFXIV Coins purchased through the Microsoft store. Also, players who purchase any of the currently available editions will receive the Wind-up Palom Minion and the Menphina earring for the 30% XP bonus to level 80.

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