Star Gem and Gaijin Entertainment’s space-combat game Star Conflict is officially launching next week, and it’s getting a sale to celebrate!

From now until Sept. 4, closed beta players can stock up on supplies and defend their bases against endless waves of alien invaders in Invasion Mode. Beta players will need to earn the achievements “Detachment of Prometheus” and “The Voyage of the Galaxy” to experience Invasion Mode, which, along with the rest of the game, opens up to everyone on the fourth. As it’s described in the press release:

“Invasion Mode features an underlying story in which an alien race that disappeared into another dimension of space and time has now returned to invade and conquer. Players must team up in parties of four to explore the new “Open Space” area and combine forces as they take on new quests and engage in PvP and PvE battles. These new activities provide new loot, which players can use to construct unique armament options and protection for their spaceships.”

Stop the invasion! Win loot! Sounds like a bang-up way to start off your new game, no?



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