Star Trek Online Announces Plans To Improve The First Captain Specialization

The plan is to start simple and make it easier and more appealing to use.

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Star Trek Online Captain Specialization Rework

It’s been some time since Cryptic first introduced Captain Specializations to Star Trek Online. Since then, as they’ve added more, they’ve been refining how they work in order to make them easier and more useful to players. But, in all this time, they’ve apparently never gone back to the first specialization and given it the same love the newer ones have received. That is, until now.

Today, the game developers announced plans to revisit the older specialization and give it a bit of the love needed to bring it in line with the ones that came later. The plans are to hit three specific design goals. They want to make it easier to use, they want it to feel useful, and they want it to have more of an impact on gameplay. That means they’ll be tweaking numbers and updating tooltips and descriptions. They won’t be making big changes to how it functions.

The Captain Specialization being addressed is the Intel Bridge Officer. Not every ability under this specialization will be changed and those that are being changed are detailed in the post on the Star Trek Online site. The list includes changes to the Intelligence Team, Electromagnetic Pulse Probe, and Surgical Strikes abilities, among others.

Currently, plans are for these changes to go through on PC on March 17. As is ever the case, the console versions will receive them after, but this time we don’t have an exact date. The devs predict a console release in a month or two.

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