Star Trek Online Announces T6 Flagships

QuintLyn Bowers
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T6 versions of the Odyssey, Scimitar and Bortasqu' are coming to Arc Games' free-to-play, sci-fi MMO Star Trek Online. The new ships were announced on the game site -- along with some pretty nifty pictures.

All three of the ships will come in three different variants featuring a Lieutenant Commander Universal/Command Bridge Officer seat and a unque console and Starship trait. These variants include:

  • Engineering -- Featuring Adaptive Emergency System Universal Console and the Adaptive Hull Plating Starship Trait.
  • Science -- Featuring the Dampening Wave Emitter Universal Console and the Check Mate Starship Trait.
  • Tactical -- Featuring the Tactical Flagship Computer Universal Console and the Super Charged Weapons Starship Trait.

All ships will be available in the C-Store and can be bought individually, as faction bundles of all three variants, or as a super bundle that includes all three variants for all three factions.

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