Today, Star Trek Online players will head to Empersa, the home world of the Founders of the Dominion. The game’s latest update continues the Victory is Life story, picking up just after the Tenebris Torquent episode, where players visited the Hur’q home world along with Garak, Bashir, Kira, and Odo.

During that visit players uncovered information about the aggressive Hur’q. Unfortunately, the entire thing also resulted in them turning their attention to the Founders’ home world and Odo is requesting assistance — for the sake of everyone. Because, when the Hur’q are done with Empersa, they’ll be on their way to the Alpha Quadrant and it isn’t going to be pretty.

The new episode is available today for captains level 10 and over. Those wishing to play it will need to have completed Tenebris Rorquent. The rest of today’s update consists mostly of fixes and small quality of life changes. Patch notes are available on the STO site.

On another note, the dates for this year’s Risa Lohlunat Festival have been announced and there’s not much of a wait. The event kicks off on July 3rd and will run until August 16. During that time players can earn all sorts of goodies, including a Dreadnought Cruiser, baseball uniforms (Sisko would be so proud.), kid modules, and more.


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