Star Trek Online Admiralty

One of the major features coming to Star Trek Online in Update 11 is the Admiralty System, which lets captains use their old ships to complete missions, similar to the crew missions system. Today’s dev blog explores the Admiralty System in depth, and it’s a fair bit more than just a rehash of existing systems.

The first bit of good news is that any ship you have access to, even if you dismiss is, will be available for Admiralty missions. Each mission requires a certain amount of Science, Tactical, and Engineering capabilities from your ships, and ships’ special abilities can also influence success and rewards.

The missions themselves are divided into lengthy campaigns, each with its own theme and reward. As players progress through the various tiers of each campaign, they’ll gain greater rewards, culminating in an Epic-quality Admiralty ship, related to the theme of the campaign. In addition, campaigns have unique Tour of Duty assignments, chains of missions that will require several days to execute.

There’s a lot to the new system, so read up on it to make sure you absorb all the relevant technobabble!



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