star trek online

Season 12 of Star Trek Online has begun bringing the Tzenkethi fight along with it. Two new Queues are now available for players to enjoy: Gravity Kills and The Tzenkethi Front.

In the five-player cross faction Gravity Kills Queue, players will join the I.K.S. Kor and U.S.S Jupiter to attack Tzenkethi processing stations near a microquasar hypermass. There they will collect particles while fighting the Tzenkethi and disabling the production facilities. Gravity Kills is for level 60 players and offers normal, advanced, and elite versions.

Meanwhile, The Tzenkethi Front is a five-player, cross-faction queue also designed for level 60 players that tasks players with defending a Klingon starbase located along the Tzenkethi border. Players must defeat Tzenkethi attackers, acquire the protomater bombs and fly them to Tzenkethi bases to use against them.

More information on each of these Queues is available on the Star Trek Online site.


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