If you’re wondering what’s in store in Star Trek Online for the next several months, worry no more. Today, the dev team released a roadmap offering a brief look at what’s to come between now and July.

There’s a few things to note about the roadmap. First, it’s more or less an infographic, so don’t expect detailed information on anything listed on it. Second, despite it not offering exact dates — everything is just listed by month — they do still warn dates can change. I guess this means they might have to roll things into the next month here and there.

Either way, there are currently things listed for each month March – July. Since March is pretty much over, we’ll just list the rest.


  • Operation Riposte Event
  • First Contact Day Event
  • Pahvo Dissention On Console


  • Rise of Discovery Update
  • Starships Level With You
  • Peril Over Pahvo on Console


  • New Limited Event
  • Earn Zen Coins Playing Events
  • Rise of Discovery On Console


  • Risan Lohlunat Festival
  • T6 Risan Corvette

If you’d liketo check out the schedule on the site you can find it here.


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