Star Trek Online Space Combat

Space might be the Final Frontier, but sometimes all that seeking out new life and new civilizations — and blowing them to bits — can be dull. That’s why Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment are making significant changes to how captains go about their star trekking in … well, you know the game.

The space balance changes make lots of changes to weapons, while carrier pets are getting several buffs to make them more useful in combat. As far as other mechanics go, reflected damage receives a slight nerf, no longer critically hitting and not getting bonuses from damage buffs, and disabling effects give brief disable resistance to their targets once they end.

There’s a lot more to the changes than what can be expressed in the blog post on the Star Trek Online site, so there will be an AMA on the forums and the STOBuilds Reddit in the near future.


  1. Jesus, finally..but, its really taken them this long to realize the problem has lied here.
    Its one of the very reason I do not play this game any more due to the space battles being so drab & mundane.


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