Perfect World Entertainment announced the release of Star Trek Online Season 6: Under Siege. This latest update to Star Trek Online introduces the Fleet (Guild) Advancement System, which allows Fleet members to construct, level-up and defend their own Starbase. Alongside new Fleet events and additional end-game content for max level players, with Season 6: Under Siege, the free-to-play MMO sees its first major Foundry update since launch.

Star Trek Online Season 6: Under Siege key features include:

• Fleet (Guild) Advancement System

Fleets construct their own Fleet Holdings with Starbases. Fleet Officers assign specific Fleet Projects for members to carry out in order to build their Starbase and master three specialization tracks: Military, Engineering, and Science.

Fleets can also improve Starbase specialization through five tiers of design, unlocking new Fleet Projects to earn more Fleet experience points and rewards. Functionality items to Starbases include Transwarp gates that allow for rapid access to different sectors.

• Fleet Starbase Defense Missions

New missions and events that call upon Fleets to defend their Starbases include a five-man Starbase Alert, two five-man Fleet Sorties, and a 20-man Fleet Action. Some of these will be available at all ranks, while others will only be available to Vice Admirals (Federation Faction) and Lieutenant Generals (Klingon Faction).

• Foundry Updates

New features to the Foundry, Star Trek Online’s popular user-content creation tool, include an improved user interface, which makes it easier for players to identify items prior to map placement. Players will also be able to find additional items such as vivid backdrops, as well as new ground and space maps in the content library.

• Fleet Rewards

Unlock the new Starbase Exterior and Interior options as your Fleet advances in the aggregate Starbase track. In the other tracks, stores that sell ultra-rare Fleet Rewards, such as new high-end gear, starships, costumes, materials and various tactical assets, can be unlocked.

• Fleet UI Redesign

Expect a new Fleet Home Page and Fleet Holdings Page, which has been created to provide information on Fleet Status, Projects and Contribution Leaderboards.

• New Max-Level Content

New missions, events, challenges, and end-game content designed specifically for max level players are also included in Season 6: Under Siege. Try “No Win Scenario”, the five-man space challenge, or “Colony Rescue”, the five-man ground challenge.

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  1. Tymme season 6 has changed end game. the starbases are the best and so much to do, new ground and space events. I can spend hours on star trek online. I play and I am in a great Fleet United Federation. Look me up in game or on Xfire as Mjaybird. you can get to end game and not spend a dollar. I have bought a ship because they are cool and add to end game. STO is a good space MMO to check out

  2. It’s pretty hard to distinguish, it’s just different wrapper around similar mechanics. two main probs w/ STO- 1) no endgame content, and 2) too much focus on micropurchases (even before it went F2P).

    I stopped playing because of this expansion- the guild exp seems nice in concept, but it was constantly a case (in a medium-sized guild) of ‘ooh, new starbase upgrade avail, okay, I’ll put my skill points in that categ… oh, it’s filled. Okay, I’ll buy the 25 energy replicat… oh, that’s filled too. Okay, what isn’t filled? Oh, fleet marks… now to sit in queue and wait for a PUG to start to get two of the 500 needed ’til it’s full. Then I’ll wait the 16 hours and have the same thing happen again.’

    • You dont play allot of mmorpg do you? Even subscribe games have ques and unavailable donjons you can only get 1/1000 items for. Go back to Guildwars 2 you noob. Where you can level up without killing 1 monster. LEave the MMORPGS to the MMORPGERS which is not GW2 or whatever fantasy game you seem to be complaining about

  3. Actually it’s the same as Champions Online. Same engine… Same skill mechanics… A few extra feats in the form of the fleet management, but overall there’s not all that much differntiation between this and that in terms of gameplay except that STO was made for Star Trek nerds.

    Don’t get me wrong though – I did enjoyed Champions Online for a while before so I don’t say it’s a terrible game but for heck STO is not the most unique stuff out there.

    Actually – sad but true – the MMO industries isn’t known by their uniqueness. There’s always be companies copying one another or even their very own titles. As long as they do it right and don’t screw up a working formula I suppose it’s alright.

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