star trek online

Consoles have a longer approval time for content than PCs. That’s why it seems like we get double the amount of press releases for games that release content on both. It’s totally not just a way for the developers to get double the press coverage. We think.

In any case, Star Trek Online’s Agents of Yesterday expansion will soon be available to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players. The content released on PC way back in July and sent its 23rd-century captains on treks to the past and future. Familiar faces, such as Chekov, Scotty, and Leeta were involved in the missions, and we discussed that and other topics in our interview with Executive Producer Steven Ricossa when the content launched last year.

Agents of Yeseterday will be available on consoles Feb. 14. But maybe it’s not really an approval process holding things up, but just time travel. Maybe Agents of Yesterday actually launched on consoles simultaneously with the PC launch, but some sort of breach in time means we won’t be seeing it until next month. Mind. Blown.


  1. I used to love Cryptic for Star trek online and neverwinter but.. recently they have pushed out patch after patch just to get u to spend more money… the Artifact system in neverwinter and the 2k zen for a decent ship bullshit in STO sadly its all over i wont return before they fixed these issues..


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