Star Wars: The Old Republic Going Free To Play? 1

Star Wars: The Old Republic turns eight years old today, which means that in about months it will pass Star Wars: Galaxies, which lasted about eight and a half years. Yes, I just made Baby Yoda cry.

Over on the SWTOR site, various members of the dev team are sharing about their favorite Star Wars-related memories. Some of them are about the game itself, like Development Manager David Bass, who is glad that he can “finally hug a Wookiee,” but many are simply gushing about the overall experience of SWTOR, from alpha testing to a launch event at Times Square to or just “Getting to nerd out with such a talented group of people.” Then there’s Lead Analyst Alex Gurany, whose fondness for the game is expressed thusly:

“The Eight year anniversary to me means SWTOR has been running for 8 years.”

Yep, that’s an analyst for you!

Props and VFX Art Lead Bradley W. Lewis has maybe the most charming entry on the list. After seeing Star Wars for the first time at the age of six, he told his mother “I want to build the models and effects from the movie.” Now he’s “as close as I can to doing what my six year-old self dreamed of doing. And that’s pretty awesome.”


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