It’s been a long time coming, but the forthcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic 3.0 expansion is expected to be officially announced later this month, with a teaser trailer to hit the internet next week. This is straight from the horse’s mouth, from The Old Republic’s Senior Producer Bruce Maclean.

The details spilled as Maclean took to the official forums to speak with a fan about potentially spotting new details regarding the expansion as early as next week. Maclean let the cat out of the bag with his own statement:

“We have been holding back 3.0 details because . But now that Forged Alliances is out there with this morning’s launch of 2.10 we’re letting folks have a little time with Rakata Prime and then spilling the beans on 3.0. Look for a teaser within a week, and then a full announce before the end of month!”

The first expansion was released earlier this year in the form of Galactic Strongholds, which allowed players access to their own customizable housing, made available to early access players on August 19, with a full release to all players in October. BioWare has continued to support the long-running MMO with additional content and expansions since its release. With the announcement of 3.0, hopefully another new set of content will be on its way in a few months again as well.

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  1. FrostSpike on September 22, 2014

    Soon too be dead game ROFL yea gaming companis usualy make new patch when a game is going too die some great logic….. and dont brag tera soo much when vindictus is the only mmo out there with any real action combat + saying that this game has slow action combat is moronic cause for anyone that played games like wow would be a pure insult and for the last you like the game but dont wana subb soo dont its not like the game wont be good wo you it will still have amazing contents like great pvp space fighters conquering plantes good story strongholds companions milion things too craft etc etc hands down too this game

  2. ninetenduh on September 20, 2014

    Good to see the game is still out there, had a lot of fun when i played it Active during Pay and Free time. even thought i played a bit rise of the Hut cartell i never really finished it. Still a really good game thou !

  3. ziguzanuzoon on September 19, 2014

    dang this is a good game from what i notes is no matter what is done in a mmorpg there is always someone ho has to say something bad about it no matter what is done in a game it is not good anuf for some peaple

  4. FrostSpike on September 17, 2014

    this was one of the best mmorpgs i played in a long time its a little hard wo subb but hell its a GG and people can write what they want but it still doesnt change it beats every new and old mmorpg.j just writing the last part im betinh haters are gona QQ now something like you are wrong alot of new and good mmo bla bla tryed IT ALL AND SUCKSSSS DO NOT PLAY
    Tera-horrridddd who wants too play a mmo where it takes an hour too kill a mob
    Archage-Moronic game P2W all the wayyy
    wow-old and boooring
    aura kingdom-great for a day its aeria games like they can doo anything good remeber wolf team before they bought it
    newerwhinter-whell you tryed too make a new diablo and failed BOOORINNNG
    wushu,aion,alods-saw similiar games 10 years ago dont beat the dead horse it wont rise again
    this list can go for hours and still this game beats them hands down . PS mmobomb used too be a place where i came too find a good game now its a place where i goo too see wo payed the most for the add

  5. Jeremy Madison on September 15, 2014

    So far having alot of fun playing through this with my wife but calling this free to play is a joke I can NOT trade without paying, Only 2 items can be sold at the AH, Here is a list, as long as you are a free player you get only a few things and a massive amount of locked content. I have held firm on my understanding of the subsription based game and pay to win this is SWTOR, Microtransactions and Free to Play are Free with the cosmetic items for sale with full content Free and open. It is my understanding that when you pay in these games you can get the same stuff as free to play players but faster when the free people must quest to get it. So STWOR is a hybrid Pay to Win game and I despise this.

  6. sss on September 15, 2014

    Boring crap game, slow like turn based combat, all the time u play alone, hard to find people online, soon to be down game.

    • TheSecondJoker on September 15, 2014

      This game has so many people and fahk ITS NOT TURN BASED.

      • SSS on September 15, 2014

        umad starwars nerd? Go fellate your father no lifer.

        • ninetenduh on September 20, 2014

          Well “soon to be Down” ? SWTOR still makes more Money than most games out there since it hit 4th place on the earnings list. and if you dont find People to play with than it is prolly your fault. you should change your attitude than !

  7. Todoran on September 14, 2014

    best trial i ever played…. i hit that uninstall like it was my ex girlfriend!

  8. BOOM! on September 13, 2014

    I would’ve like the game, but I’m not a big fan of being a membership with a shitty ass combat system, if they implemented the combat system like an actual ACTION combat system, like TERA, BoD, Wildstar, Etc. Then I wouldn’t mind playing this game. For a star wars game I really want an action MMORPG, not a boring game. If you’re going to play this game might as well play WoW.

  9. lolol on September 13, 2014

    Trash game

    • TheSecondJoker on September 13, 2014

      Haters gonna hate FOREVER.

    • rawrsausage on September 13, 2014

      such hating, you most be a Pro league guy who still stuck at bronze and blame others.