EA just announced that the Sci-Fi MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, or SWTOR for short, will be going Free to Play this November.

It appears that EA plans to offer two different options for players, the base “Free” version and then a Subscription option. Those that opt to not pay anything will have full access to all class driven story content up to level 50 but will have limited access to some areas and be completely restricted from doing any of the games “Operations” (SWTOR’s term for Raids).

EA did say they would introduce a new currency called Cartel Coins, which players could purchase with real money. This currency will be used to remove some of the restrictions imposed on F2P users but no word as to what yet exactly. Besides removing restrictions, the currency will also be used to purchase in-game items, gear, and other standard cash shop items. Unlimited access including higher-level content and new features will be available through a standard subscription option.

Check the official SWTOR site http://www.swtor.com/free/features for the full list of subscription vs. free features and let us know what you think of them in the comments below!


  1. Sorry I made a fool about myself, and the comment said.
    The game sucks, simple as that.

    Big download, rest of my majority is Pay to Play.

    Now I find it hard to recycle cans and bottles cause I have none.

  2. Don’t understand all these hate comments.

    If you do not like it then do not play it.
    It is as simple as that isn’t it?

    You get to play the majority of the game for free.
    Some content is still locked but if you really want to unlock it just pay.

    Look at it like an extended trial instead of it going free to play.
    And it is not hard to get money for a subscription, i could even make enough from just recycling cans and bottles.

  3. hmm..guess EA just never learns what real f2p is eh…so sad oh well
    they’ll crash and burn soon enough…-hopefully-

  4. ughh i was hoping EA wouldnt do the bs that sony did with both of the everquest games (free to play with major limits) at least swtor will at least let us play all the classes XD cause atm im running 2 15 dollar subscribtions XDD ( WOW , TERA , )and recently pre purchesed GW2 (:

  5. I really like the game but for free to play they really need to fix the chat & social panel restrictions. That really sucks. They make it so hard to party up & chat with players & what the hell is up with not being able to chat in general for free to play, that’s just plane retarded.

  6. EA just give up and give out the game for free i love the game but i won,t pay =_= give it free ore go shoot your self in the head

  7. “story content up to level 50”
    So what? You can’t get passed 50 to the max level? Or you can, but the Story Content just ends at 50?
    I prefer the 2nd then the 1st one, lvl50 max sucks.

  8. lol, quite similar to DCUO, champion bah bah..
    when they open new lv cap, the free players will be discarded like trash
    and see wht happen to DCUO anyway ??

    • DCUO is still going strong at least on the PS3 side. Dont really know about the PC version since I dont play on the PC servers.

      Just started to play the trial version and kinda of enjoying it so far. I just hope my character makes it over to the f2p launch.

  9. swtor f2p. i guess most of the people called it already 😀
    those restrictions r unnecessary indeed. but i think, in my opinion, that soon after the swtor “f2p” release they will go fully f2p.
    but i guess the moment that happens, the ingame shop will kill it…

  10. DEMO.
    We need to learn the definitions in the mmorpg community. There is a difference between MMO; MMORPG; MOBA; etc.. There exists a difference between a persistant online DEMO vs an actual free to play model.

  11. @bogdanul you can at the moment download and play a free trial but it’s only up until lvl 15 it’s not until the fall when they change to their so called free option with the increase to lvl 50 and the rest of the stuff they mentioned.

    • the restrictions look a lot like the ones that Gameforge have for Aion EU which basically means there is F all you can do other than quest unless your willing to pay so it’s it’s not a F2P game it’s a Pay to enjoy game, it’s why i quit Aion Eu and have been playing the U.S truly free to play, but all this is besides the point isn’t the reason there is dropping numbers etc because there is hardly any end game content shouldn’t they sort that out first other wise whether your paying via sub or “F2P” player, once you hit 50 your going to go if there is nothing to keep you there.

  12. Yeah, after reading some posts, games like these should be called trial games, cause you are not really playing everything, or enjoy everything where some games they are accessed by default or necessity to the story or essence of the game. You just like having a limitless trial, how tormenting is that?

    Its more like an endless trial anti-virus, trial Microsoft word, trial plants vs zombies, trial zuma, etc.

    F2P>P2P> (all other random/odd models) >trial games with pay.

    I think SWTOR has one of the worst models ever, you’ll just be pissed cause u can’t raid, can’t hunt on a restricted area with OP drops, or quests or events only(mostly) held there, and the ol OP cash items.

    If you are thinking why F2P is on top, reason, League of legends, HON, DOTA2(I think), but im pretty sure about LOL and HON, with no cash influence, purely purely cosmetics.

  13. I wish someone would come up of another phrase for ‘Free-to-play’, companies like these are abusing the ‘essence’ of the word Free-to-play, and IMO no respect to people, cause in some degree/range is a kind of form of SCAM.

    I haven’t thought of a good phrase yet, I wish someone can, I think I can call it Free-to-drool(in the essence that u get jelly of other ppl), or Fraud-to-play(in the essence that it may be free, but u will only get the good stuff if u pay)

  14. The end game is what makes people stick with the MMO and pay money, so they thought it was good idea to limit it for free players, EA is definite proof that there is no limit to human stupidity

  15. A free to play game published by our beloved EA that’s nothing but a reskin? Yeeeeaaaaah, no thanks. Guild Wars 2 is all I need.

  16. So im hopeing they will upgrade that ftp offer before i play the guile theme to party becuse like whats been said with out raid an all but to many liments does not count as free to ply iv been waiting for this and it beeter progress

  17. I tried the trial (Up to Level 15) but I always find myself questing alone. I think I`m still going for Guild Wars 2, the dynamic event thing looks sorta fun! + I love helping others.

  18. EA literally called Star Wars a “Miss” on their Earnings call today. They kept talking about Battlefield 3 Premium making up for Sw:ToR. I wish we hadn’t recorded the Free to Play Cast last night! lol This will have to wait a week. Exact Quote from the earnings call,

    “We couldn’t be more pleased with how the diversity of our business allows us to make up for a miss on one franchise with a big hit on another.”


    • the quote sounds malicious and evil, i could just imagine the head of EA stroking his goatee and sitting on top of a pile of skulls or in this case cash for subscriptions..

  19. “Game Login
    Subscribers will always be in login queues ahead of free players.”

    They’re dreaming of login queues with these restrictions lmao. Such a failure…

    • HAHA! I thought the EXACT same thing. I went, “Wow they are being a tad optimistic there that they will have queues for servers after the first month or so of the F2P conversion.” lol Preach on nubcandy!

  20. wish people would stop calling game like this free to play it’s not
    it free to try with limits
    free to play 100% of the game with cash shop
    free to try limited classes… areas….. lvl ….. ect
    dont let the game company say free to play when it not

    • Well the level cap at the moment is 50 anyway so they are restricting new content not locking up current content and I suggest you look at DDO or LOTRO because they restrict dungeons and raid content to cash shop purchases as well and there is no mention of any restrictions on class. The travel restrictions will be annoying as well as the limited use of the GTN but I could care less about race restrictions since the racial choice is purely cosmetic.
      The fact is that as a subscription customer I don’t use much of the content mentioned as being locked and I’ve heard other people say that they only play SWTOR for the class storyline so these restrictions aren’t going to affect those who’s interest is restricted to treating SWTOR as KOTOR 3.

      • Yep. I participated in one of the beta weekends for it and even though I was only able to play for a short time, I really enjoyed it. With it changing to this, it would mean I’d be able to play it regularly

  21. EA don’t understand that nobody wants to pay for this game or any of it’s content, it’s just that mediocre

    ps. I’m also waiting for raiderz, bring on august 8th!! woot!!

  22. Hmmm, why you guys are angry?I alredy know that SWTOR is going F2P, and ITS EA, of course it will have like 70% (at least) of game content blocked

  23. The limitations make me sad honestly. I was looking forward to returning to this game and bringing my friends in finally, but with these restrictions it just feels pointless really. I wish it was more like GW and just was Buy and play (with a small cash shop on the side maybe?) I don’t know much about how online games work but its just sad when you have all these restrictions… EA just doesn’t know how to please people it seems.

  24. nice. 🙁
    play the story and uninstall the game if u dont want to use real money.

    @CliX only Eu Aion had this limitations, how i know.

    im waiting for RaiderZ (CB 09.08), hope PW dont destro it with the cash-shop.

    GL and HF.

  25. Screw this tiered content, possibly gona try it, but had played DC Universe so don’t think its gona keep me for long.
    P.S. this game was called WOW killer, but falled down and will become freemium… anyways THIS IS BULLSHIT. 🙁

  26. If you can’t even raid at 50 without paying 15$ a month then what the hell is the point…? Please someone tell me.

      • What kind of a retard would pay for something that has been done billions of times and a billion times better. I would much rather just use that money to pay for Guild Wars 2, not monthly subscription for a futuristic WoW, just so that I can get access to something that should have been unlocked for everyone.

  27. @Sabin Last time i checked aion had some limitations as well. NO use of action house and no traading with other people. This is less worse then what EA is doing. Raids is like a key point to keep playing the game


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