Submarines are diving into World of Warships! Long anticipated and requested by fans, and dubbed “the biggest news since release” by the game’s live producer, the silent seekers of the deep were officially unveiled during a stream today (English version here), though word of their presence had leaked out via various sources.

Subs are fragile but deadly, relying on stealth and deep-water maneuvers to dodge their prey while delivering a killing strike. Most subs have torpedo launchers fore and aft and need to fire them at optimal depths, lest ocean currents cause aiming problems.

To balance submarines, it looks like as though they are the most fragile ships of their tier, even compared to destroyers. Oxygen is a concern, limiting how long a sub can stay submerged. Destroyers will also have depth charges available to help deal with subs.

Submarines will make their debut during the Warships PvE Halloween event in October, which will also serve as a kind of testing environment. (It also explains their exotic, non-historical, look in the press materials.) If all goes well, they’ll be added to the game’s PvP modes at a later, unspecified date — “when they’re ready,” as was said on the stream.

Watch [EN] Special Announcement with MrConway from WorldofWarships on

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