Summer Game Fest: Evercore Heroes Reveals New Support Hero, Clementine

Things are heating up in the kitchen.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Chef Clementine

Evercore Heroes’ next hero is one that truly belongs in the kitchen – or at least needs to bring the kitchen with her. Clementine is a support hero that uses “magical fusion cooking” to aid her allies in combat. She comes with a self-frying pan – which apparently means she has no need of a stove to cook on to get the job done. Good thing, really. Who wants to drag a stove around in combat.

Clementine was revealed in a video earlier today as part of Summer Game Fest along with two other heroes, the Chaos Mage Sydian and the Weather Mage Sky. Don’t let Sydian’s Chaos Mage title fool you. He’s actually a tank. Just… Apparently, one that likes to do his job from a distance. Sky makes use of water and lightning abilities in combat. Not at the same time though… That would probably be bad for her.

For Clementine’s part, she’ll be doing her cooking on the battlefield, with players picking three ingredients to cook together and create a dish that provides benefits in combat. Players will need to cook the food properly – it can be over or under-done – and do it all while dodging attacks and beating up the enemy with their frying pan. Note that improperly cooked food will not provide the same buffs as food that’s done right.

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