Bandai Namco’s futuristic MOBA/RTS hybrid, Supernova, has finally thrown off its alpha shackles and is ready to transition to closed beta on July 23. If you were an alpha backer, this is also when you’ll receive your new commander, the Battle Robot Operations GTL-360, or B.R.O.:

In his search to discover his purpose, B.R.O. found a pre-recorded human hologram datastem from the Lunacy Ninety Day Workout Program who yelled, “Are you ready to find the REAL you, bro?!” Ecstatic that the human knew him by name, B.R.O. became a dedicated disciple of his teacher’s program for over 40 years until he was picked up by a group of scavengers.

I’m trying to decide if that’s better or worse than the background information for a typical League of Legends or Dota 2 champion.

Closed beta will also bring another new, unannounced, commander, along with five new commander skins, two new force skins, and new profile icons. You can sign up for the Supernova on the game’s website


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  1. Its actually totally different other than the genre “must haves” like lanes. Played in the 6th alpha phase it was very good.


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