The ecological apocalypse that is Survarium is inching towards their closed beta, according to the latest dev diary by Vostok Games. Taking place after a “green” catastrophe, this MMOFPS places players in a world of collapsing societies; where humans are no longer king. Players will encounter “poisonous plants, mutants, wild animals and yet unknown threats of anomalies” as they explore the environment.

In their latest update Vostok gives players information about their access options for the upcoming closed beta. “We already began to enroll a fairly large number of players into testing, we send out many invites on weekly basis”, said Oleg Yavorsky of Vostok Games. Yavorsky goes on to explain that registering on the site, participating in the forums and social networks will increase chances of obtaining keys. Survarium’s site will also have a “Invites Lottery” that rewards three applicants every hour with keys.

Survarium’s next task is, “to focus on purely gameplay, start working with the balance, the in-game economy as well as increase the server workload to test how the servers behave under really heavy loads with a large number of players”, according to Ruslan Didenko, Survarium’s Project Lead.

When will this close beta start? “We plan to begin that by the end of November, which is very soon,” said Yavorsky. Yes, that was very soon.

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    • Thats not an easy answer. This game is unique it offers different game modes. The only game mode available (PvP) is similar to your traditional fps game, but there is co-op and story mode that will be open world.

  1. Im sorry to understand something cz i dont get it are you getting the game to play it with every skills has have atleast?Or you about to cheat ?

  2. look at the guy from the start hes worn out red eyes and working in the dark lol looks like they are being slaved or the coffee machine is broken

  3. Survarium has a beautiful environment I waited about a year to see if it’s out of alpha I’l glad they made something so rare in actual gaming, that all the attention goes to quality of the game and the meaning of exploring it reminds what actual life feels like, wandering into unknown and never know where you will stumble upon.


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