With the release of patch 0.55, a single level of match-making has been introduced to Survarium, making it so that players with the first through fifth levels of equipment will be able to play among themselves. Players will be divided into three categories and, with the exception of long matches, will only be able to play against other characters in that category.

In addition to this and other changes, the update also adjusts the lighting in the “School” location. Examples of these changes can be seen in the images here. More information on the update can be found on the Survarium site.

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  1. This game has another problem, I was suggesting to get rid of tier system 2 years ago but no one was listening. Now they did it, but its not enough. There is 6 different game modes in game, that you can check preferred one and wait for only that. so what happens? after minimum 5 minutes of waiting, you are dropped in match – 2 vs 2 and bunch of stupidest bots i sever seen in games. these bots are legal cheaters of this game.

    All devs have to do is remove some game modes (battery, artifact and one from TDM or slaughter) and they must make to pick mode randomly without allowing players to pick preferred one. Also they have to remove stupid PvE mode that is pure trash.

    game is not worth playing now. its queue simulator, and bot farming after you join.

  2. russian pay to win boredom, so greedy people, every game from that poor country is so bad and with all possible pay models inside, subscription+cash shoo+ pay to win item shop and many more, no clue why they trying to revive dead game its empty , looks like developers work for food ! And playing with toxic russiancheaters and scammers not worth !


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